Viñátigo presents “Laderas de Teno” and “Pet Nat 19”

On December 19, we presented two new wines at the Wine Bar El Gusto por el Vino at the Gran Hotel Laguna: Viñátigo Pet Nat 19 and Viñátigo Laderas de Teno.

The Pet Nat of the French Petillant Naturel, are natural sparkling wines of only fermentation, which before the end of the fermentation proceeds to its bottling, leaving the wines protected by the carbonic produced in the bottle itself. In our case, we have made it with grapes of the Listán Blanco variety, from the upper area of ​​Icod de los Vinos, at an altitude of more than 600 m, cultivated in the traditional vineyards of the Region.

It is a very old method of production that is traditionally used in the Vall de Loire and that has spread throughout the world. Added to the freshness of the carbonic is the good acidity manifested by the variety grown at that altitude with the characteristic varietal notes of fennels and very marked nuts.

The Viñátigo Hillsides Teno, is a wine Plot, made with four red varieties Canary grown on the slopes plot of Teno located in the Valley exceptional Palmer 700 m above the level of the sea in the Teno mountain to the northwest of Tenerife. Volcanic soils and a climate highly conditioned by the direct impact of the Trade Winds create the ideal setting for obtaining powerful and elegant wines as is the case. Fermented and macerated in open barrels and with one year of ageing in barrel and another in bottle, it expresses its character to the maximum.

Both are very limited editions.

The presentation was given by Jorge Méndez , new lifeblood of the winery that brings more freshness and innovation to our Viñátigo project, which has always been characterized by this dynamism.
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