Juan Jesús Méndez, one of the most prominent names in the wine sector in Spain

The reference magazine in the wine sector in Spain, MIVINO, has 250 fifty copies telling the recent history of the world of wine in our country. To celebrate these two decades of life, the publication has produced a report in its November special, which collects the faces of the most influential people in the sector during these years and who have been protagonists and witnesses of what today are the Spanish wines.

Proper names such as Pablo Álvarez (Vega Sicilia), Mariano García (Mauro), Carlos Moro (Matarromera) or Manuel Muga (Muga) among others, which includes our director of Bodegas Viñátigo and the only canary on the list, Juan Jesús Méndez Siverio, they appear in this MIVINO special.

The work carried out for almost three decades by our director Juan Jesús Mendez in the recovery of indigenous Canarian varieties of incalculable historical and ecological value, obtains admirable recognition outside our borders as it traces the steps of current quality Canarian wines.

Let us collect an extract from the interview with Juan Jesús Méndez included in the aforementioned report from MIVINO magazine and screenshots of the full report.

MV.- What does wine mean to you? JJ.- It is a beautiful way of living, it allows me to be close to nature, to see its evolution closely: to dream, imagine and create, helping it to express itself. The enormous interdisciplinary nature of wine has also allowed me to enrich myself a lot culturally.

MV.- How has the world of wine changed since 1996? JJ.- The change has been very significant: the improvement in quality is generalized, the emergence of new areas with unique and quality wines is notable, and the improvement in consumer appreciation has been significant. Interest in sustainability, ecology and respect for the identity of the product has also increased.

MV.- What do you think will happen in the next 25 years? JJ.- The sector has been growing and reaching an age of majority that will allow it to achieve great achievements. Progress will continue in sustainability, in the search for the maximum expression of our wines in sync with nature, and Spanish wines will achieve the recognition and prestige they deserve.

MV.- Among your wines, which is the most special for you? JJ.- El Viñátigo Ensamblaje Tinto, because it is the culmination of many years of work in the recovery of minority varieties.

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